Cleanse Downlight




Clean the work space with the Cleanse Downlight

Reducing the spread of infection is now as simple as a light switch. Simply unscrew the existing light from your 6” recessed light, remove existing trim (if applicable), screw in the Cleanse Downlight, push it into place and flip the switch to start the eradication of pathogens.

Equipped with built-in far-UVC light, the Downlight delivers an appropriate dose of 222 nanometer light while inactivating 90% of contaminants, based on the dosage, wavelength and distance described. Early studies indicate no harm to humans from far-UVC exposure.

While far-UVC light does its job to sanitize surfaces, you may choose from white light available in various CCTs or Healthe’s GoodDay light source to provide general illumination suitable for all applications.

With studies suggesting harmful microbials, including the SARS-COV2 virus that causes COVID-19, can survive on common surfaces for up to several days, the Cleanse Downlight is the ideal 2-in-1 solution to combat infectious spreads while offering illumination for workspaces such as nurse stations, medical offices, assisted living communities, schools and childcare centers.

Midland’s professionals are here to help you plan a containment-free environment for your particular needs.